Removable Appliances

Removable Appliances

Our highly skilled Technicians are able to fabricate a number of removable and functional appliances in many different colours and glitters. We can also incorporate designs into the baseplates such as flags, stripes, polka dots etc, you tell us what your patient requires as our technicians love the opportunity to be as creative as possible! For a full colour chart contact us *Spring Appliances *Screw Appliances *Hawley Retainer *Barra Appliance * Begg Retainer *Pendulum Appliance *Thumb Sucking Appliances *Prosthetic Teeth *Clear Bow Retainer *Appliance design *Twin Block Appliance *Twin Block with bite jumping screws *Medium Opening Activator *Frankel Apppliance 1,2 & 3 *Bionator Appliance *Andresen Appliance

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