August 22, 2016

NEW Retainer Products (Pink & Blue!!)

In addition to our standard ICONIC retainer material we are now offering two new exciting retainer materials.

NEW Imprelon S Retainers. These retainers are heat resistant up to 109 degrees! They are crystal clear, lightweight and tough yet flexible, ideal for bruxists and patients with a heavy bite. These retainers bond easily to light cured material making them ideal for bite guards, splints, functional appliances and adding stops etc.

NEW Durasoft PD Dual laminate retainers. These retainers are proving very popular! They are extremely comfortable hard/soft material, ideal for bruxists as they are extremely hard wearing and for patients looking for a little more comfort. These retainers have a thin, clear film that adheres to the fitting surface helping to prevent against discolouration over time from tea, coffee, red wine etc. There are three exciting colours to choose from, clear, pink and blue!

For more information please contact the laboratory

NEW Retainer Products (Pink & Blue!!)
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