3 Shape Orthodontic 3D Imaging

Digital Study ModelsAt Norwich Orthodontics we are a fully Digital Orthodontic Laboratory able to provide your practice with the cutting edge of Digital Orthodontics.

Our 3 Shape Digital Orthodontic System can,

Produce digital Orthodontic Study Models from impressions and casts
Provide printed 3D Models in house from digital scans
Produce 3D printed appliances from digital files
Receive TRIOS Mouth Scans and iTero Scans (our system is open platform any 3D scanned image can be opened in .stl format)

Using 3 Shape OrthoAnalyzer we can,

Predict Treatment Outcomes
Provide PAR scores
Analyse Orthodontic Cases
Provide Clear Norwich Aligner Treatment using digital technology
Design orthodontic appliances than can be 3D printed

Digital Files can be stored on a USB, transferred using dropbox or alternatively we can discuss your storage requirements with you.

We have our own in house 3D printers to produce models from digital files, contact us for all 3D printing enquiries.

We are always looking for new ways to integrate digital systems with our laboratory production.

For more information about 3Shape Digital Orthodontic Solutions please contact the laboratory or see

We are a TRIOS ready Orthodontic Laboratory ready to receive TRIOS Intra oral scans, we are also an iTero registered laboratory



Closeup portrait of charming woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer

Our exciting NEW Norwich Aligner system can provide invisible orthodontic treatment for mild to moderate cases, this treatment is a popular choice for adult orthodontic cases. Using 3shape 3d Orthodontic software we are able to digitally plan treatment using a series of our Norwich Aligners. Each stage is fabricated using a 3D printed model, the final stage of which can be viewed and approved by the patient prior to commencing treatment. All stages are saved by us and aligners can be remade again and again in case of loss or relapse. A typical treatment involves the upper and lower anterior teeth 321/123 Teeth are aligned using a series of clear pressure formed appliances moving teeth in 0.5mm increments The aligners are almost invisible and can be removed for brushing, meals, social events etc Treatment time varies depending on the severity of cases Bleaching Trays can be provided as part of this treatment for a complete smile make over!




indirect bonding picture

The exciting INVIDUA indirect bonding system reduces chairside time, guarantees precise bracket placement and reduces gingival irritation to the patient. The INVIDUA foil provides an extremely secure support for the brackets in the tray guaranteeing a high stability of positioning and precise transfer, the bracket tray is cut just above the bracket slot. In case of bracket loss the tray can be segmented and reused to guarantee precise bracket placement. Using the 3Shape Bracket Placement software we can digitally guarantee precise bracket placement.

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