3D Printed Models

3D Printing Orthodontic Laboratory

At Norwich Orthodontics we have our own in house purpose built 3D printing suite, with access to print over 300 dental resins.

We select our standard model printing materials for their accuracy, using only quality resins but providing them to your practice at competitive prices, you will be able to feel the difference!

We can print models to manufacture ANY hand made conventional appliance on!

We can also print models from your scanned patient records and can provide unlimited re prints and re makes of patients retainers, essentially freezing tooth position in digital time.

With many different materials available we can print you demo models in white, grey, clear and golden, the choice is yours. We can print horseshoe, round or angles trimmed “if you can describe it we can make it”

If you require 3D printed models for any purpose, events, meetings, or even just to do your own PAR scoring on we can provide them for you!